Flash storage startup Virident Systems pulls in $26M, brings on a new CEO

Venture capitalists are clambering to fund flash storage startups, the new wave of technologies that are disrupting the traditional data center. The latest announcement comes from Virident Systems, a Milpitas, California-based company which had no trouble raising $26 million dollars in fourth round funding led by Mitsui Global Investors.

Violin Memory extends funding round to $80M

Flash memory is hot because it runs cooler than other kinds of storage in the data center. It’s also faster and more efficient at storing frequently used data. Violin Memory is one of the companies that is benefiting from this trend in the data center.

FlashSoft raises $3M for software that speeds data center processing

FlashSoft is announcing today that it has raised $3 million in funding for its software that improves data center performance. The software works with enterprise flash memory to determine which data should be stored in quickly accessible memory caches. The result is a 10-fold improvement in enterprise application performance.

iPad 2 teardown shows the winners and losers among Apple’s suppliers

As soon as the Apple iPad 2 went on sale today, the teardown crew at iFixit got their hands on one of the device’s and tore it apart. In a 23-step process, they took the iPad 2 apart piece by piece to reveal Apple’s design on a granular level.

Fusion-io broadens its reach for super-fast memory devices

Fusion-io, a maker of super-fast flash memory modules, announced today that its latest products will be carried by IBM and Supermicro Computer as those vendors try to sell super-fast servers to major corporations.

Spansion aims for a comeback with innovative flash memory

Bankruptcy has a way of making a chief executive focus on what’s important. John Kispert, CEO of the once-bankrupt and now profitable chip maker Spansion, used the legal process to pare back and double down on innovation.

Violin Memory raises $35M for cloud storage users

Violin Memory has raised $35 million in a second round of funding for its new breed of flash memory chips for corporate data centers. The company aims to improve storage so that tasks that once took hours can now be done in minutes.

Fusion-io uses flash memory to accelerate trading volume five-fold

Fusion-io, a maker of super-fast flash memory modules, said today that its products can accelerate stock trading services by as much as five-fold. The company has shown that its ioMemory devices have been used by Credit Suisse to accelerate its trading platform.

Spansion banks its future on memory chips for 3D mobile game devices

Memory chip maker Spansion may not be a sexy company, but the sexy devices that consumers lust after wouldn’t be possible without it. A free fall in prices and high debt drove the company into bankruptcy during the recession, but it reemerged from bankruptcy earlier this year in a market recovery. Now its betting its future on memory chips designed specifically for certain kinds of demanding applications.