Football! Sportcaster turns Twitter into your gameday play-by-play

Football, the season for pigskins, tailgates and letters painted on stomachs, is among us  OneLouder, the maker of Tweetcaster, is gearing up for game time with a new free mobile app launched today. It’s called Sportcaster and isn’t based on stats from ESPN or commentary from John Madden. Instead, it’s based on Twitter’s API. Using a custom built back-end engine, the app pulls tweets from coaches, players, dedicated sports media and others to give fans up to the minute action happening on the field.

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Why you nerds should stop hating sports games

Basketball game NBA 2k11 doesn’t start off with a title menu. It throws you straight into the classic 1991 championship game between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time and the superstar shooting guard of the ’91 Bulls, turns to you and asks if you are ready.