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When a company founder resigns, investors should head for the exit too

Most large tech companies are no longer run by their founders. This is problematic for investors, because a painful corporate bureaucracy develops when a founder leaves and, as a result, risk-taking and innovation deteriorates.

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5 founder-friendly financing terms that give power to entrepreneurs

For many startups, the hot venture-capital and exit markets mean an increase in deal leverage when negotiating with venture investors. As a result, founder-favorable terms are increasingly a part of formation and financing documents where they wouldn’t have been just a year or two ago.

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Three mistakes founders make (and how to avoid them)

These mistakes can keep a company from meeting its growth objectives, distract from the main business focus, and even lead to a mediocre team being hired, any of which can kill a company in the long term.


How to build the perfect founding team

Many founding teams fail because they’ve never had the conversation about founder, founding team, and founding CEO. Spend the time and take stock of who’s on the journey with you.

The importance of criticism

Saving someone’s feelings? You might not be doing her any favors in the long run.

BioShock Infinite team previews next big innovation in gaming

Irrational Games, which has established its reputation as one of the most creative game studios in the industry, is slowly revealing some of the cool innovations in its next major game, BioShock Infinite. Today, the company is revealing more details about the game, which features the ability to swing on a rollercoaster in the sky and fire at enemies below. This game is innovative both in its storytelling and technology, and it is one of the titles that will push the game industry toward high art.

Dublin: Europe’s next startup petri dish?

Startup Bootcamp, a European startup accelerator network and Techstars affiliate, just added Dublin to its existing locations of Copenhagen and Madrid. London and Berlin will follow in 2012.