Previously a dud, relaunched APB game gets 3 million users in a week

As one of a growing number of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games adopting a free-to-play strategy, APB Reloaded has hit a milestone of 3 million users, just one week after its relaunch. This is all the more remarkable given the  failed initial launch of the game in 2010, under the title APB, which saw developer Realtime Worlds going into the equivalent of bankruptcy.

Hulu could bite into users' wallets with freemium "Hulu Plus"

Significant changes may be in the works over at Hulu, a website for watching television shows online owned by media giants News Corp., NBC Universal and the Walt Disney Co., according to a Los Angeles Times blog post. The company may start offering Hulu users a subscription plan of $9.95 a month, dubbed Hulu Plus, as soon as May 24. But many videos will remain free — a key to Hulu’s early success.