From castles to card games: a rundown of Zynga’s biggest titles

Zynga is the most recognizable name in social gaming. Facebook members and iPhone owners alike have seen Zynga’s games continuously rise and fall from the top of the charts over the past few years, and with CastleVille’s launch earlier this month, it is unlikely that will change any time soon. The company is likely to go public soon and raise a ton of money, so we thought we would show this primer on Zynga’s social games so everyone can see what the fuss is all about. These simple, time-consuming titles have taken the  world by storm, bringing in hundreds of millions of users internationally since Zynga’s beginning in 2007.

Richard Garriott: My plan to beat FarmVille and CityVille (video)

Richard Garriott is known as a video-game pioneer, an undersea diver and an astronaut. Now he wants to outdo Zynga, the creator of FarmVille and CItyVille, in social games. His new game company, Portalarium, will debut its first major game in a month.

Traditional game veterans adapt to a world with CityVille and Angry Birds

There’s a specter hanging over the traditional video game industry, and you can see it in the image above. Social game companies such as Zynga and mobile games on the iPhone are grabbing players by the tens of millions. The traditional video game industry isn’t growing like it once was.

Fastest-growing game in history: Zynga’s CityVille hits 26M players in 12 days

Zynga’s CityVille has become the fastest-growing game in history. And based on an interview with a key Zynga executive, that isn’t an accident. The company has all but figured out how to turn its game launches into a science, and that helps them spread to increasingly large audiences on Facebook.

Zynga launches rewards program with Citi

Finding a new way to make money, social game firm Zynga is announcing an alliance with Citi where it will make a line of exclusive game items available for Citi cardholders to purchase with their rewards program points.

Zynga has its best launch ever with CityVille social game

Zynga said today that it had its best social game launch ever with the debut of CityVille last week. In its first 24 hours, more than 290,000 people played the city-building simulation game on Facebook.

Zynga CTO: We turn on 1,000 new servers a week for FarmVille and other games

Each day, Facebook game developer and FarmVille creator Zynga delivers about a petabyte of data — that’s 1 million gigabytes, or more than six Libraries of Congress — for its array of social games, chief technology officer Cadir Lee said at the Oracle OpenWorld  2010 conference in San Francisco today.

DiscoveryBeat 2010: Check out our latest speakers for getting content noticed

We’re pleased to announced some heavy hitters at DiscoveryBeat 2010. The conference addressing the evolving problem of discovery in an era full of app stores and content. Our newest speakers have navigated these stores and managed to get their content noticed in a big way.

Zynga launches FrontierVille in bid to turn traffic around

Game maker Zynga hopes to halt a decline in its traffic on Facebook with the launch today of its newest social game, FrontierVille. It’s one of Zynga’s most elaborate titles to date, but it’s aimed at the same mass market Facebook audience that has flocked to the company’s games by the hundreds of millions.