Bye-bye, Google Buzz (again)

Shockingly, most people didn’t want a social network in their email inbox, so the experiment that consisted of Google taking your inbox and insta-poofing a social network into sudden awkward existence never had a prayer of upsetting Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace.

Subscriptions put Apple in antitrust spotlight again

Federal regulators are looking once more into Apple’s control over the applications available on the iPhone and iPad, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. This time it’s Apple’s subscription feature for apps (which the company unveiled yesterday) that’s attracting antitrust scrutiny.

FTC settles with Twitter for letting Britney Spears get hacked

Twitter settled charges with the Federal Trade Commission that it “deceived consumers” and didn’t protect their privacy, according to the agency today. The violated users included singer Britney Spears, President Barack Obama, and the account of the Fox News channel. It’s the FTC’s first data security case against a social network, suggesting that the agency may be looking to get tougher on consumer Web companies.