Toyota's concept hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCV-R.

Toyota shows a sneak peek of its upcoming hydrogen car

Toyota has given a small selection of journalists their first taste of prototypes of its long-awaited hydrogen fuel-cell production car–and driving impressions are beginning to surface.

Bloom Energy “not focused” on fuel cells IPO, no plans for a mini-Bloom Box

Bloom Energy is toning down talk of its much-speculated IPO plans this year and looking to expand its reach with a new, more affordable offering that sells electricity generated from its fuel cell-packed Bloom Box, without requiring customers to pay for any of the pricey Bloom hardware.

VentureBeat’s best and worst of cleantech in 2010

It’s been quite a year for energy-related investments and other ventures looking to make some green from green. Here’s a look back on the biggest successes and flops of 2010.

Ciara’s top posts of 2010

Tech journalism, and tech companies, for me have always been about ideas and their ability to change the world. What matters is not only the strength of the light you can shed on a subject but what you choose to illuminate. For me, technology should either be delightful or do something important or both. Here are the articles I loved writing in 2010:

Coming soon … a green laptop that runs on water?

Green chemistry company SiGNa Chemistry has unveiled a new chemical process for generating hydrogen from water, which the company says could solve both of the most vexing hydrogen fuel cell problems: real-time hydrogen generation and storage.

Kleiner-backed Bloom Energy looking for $50M more before its IPO?

Bloom Energy shook the cleantech sector earlier this year when it unveiled its unique Bloom Box, a fuel cell capable of powering 100 homes while producing close to zero greenhouse-gas emissions. Now, despite the company’s assurances that it is closing in on an IPO next year, it looks like it might be raising $50 million more to get it there.