Funding Daily: Goodie Goodie Gumdrops

Some good souls raised money in funding land today. Ticketfly raised a third round to help people’s assaulted ears listen to better music, and Meteor brought in money to support stressed web developers everywhere. GiveForward received investment for its platform helps people crowdfund medical expenses, and EcoScraps took money for a composting scheme that cuts down on waste and greenhouse emissions. And let’s not forget GoodData, which is mainly good because it has the word in its name.

Backblaze at long last accepts $5M in venture capital fuel

Storage startup wild child Backblaze rebelled against itself today and announced it has raised $5 million in funding. The company notoriously bootstrapped for years in an effort to fuel innovation and efficiency. Despite being profitable, Backblaze has pivoted its no-venture-capital policy to pursue its goal of making unlimited backup available to all PCs and Macs.

Funding Daily: it’s tornado Tuesday again

Venture capital attempted to solve national crises today, from the Great Mobile Developer Shortage of 2012 to the obesity epidemic plaguing data storage to the disintegration of communities across America. Where would we be without them?

How Rod Stewart helped me get the attention of VCs and angels

Our company has pitched to VCs many times this past year to raise capital. After much fine-tuning, we put together a colorful investment infographic on a handout, which has helped in getting VCs’ attention.

Venture Capital money

Emergence Capital Partners raising $200M fund

Venture capital firm Emergence Capital Partners is in the process of raising its third fund, a $200 million fund labeled “Emergence Capital Partners III,” according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Obama hopes Silicon Valley investment will pay off

President Obama’s busy trip to Silicon Valley included a private fundraiser at the home of billionaire Marc Benioff, CEO of, and a town hall meeting with Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg at the Palo Alto, Calif. headquarters of the social networking firm. I felt his impact by getting stuck in the “Obama jam,” as the accompany traffic snarl in San Francisco was called.

Startup founders want just-in-time financing (survey)

Venture capitalists and angel investors who are working on buffing their brand image and building relationships with entrepreneurs may be wasting their time, according to a newly released survey of 363 startup executives who recently raised funds or plan to do so within the next year.

3Par investor Menlo Ventures looks to raise up to $800 million

The primary investor of 3Par, Menlo Ventures, is looking to raise $600 – $800 million for a new fund that would surpass Battery Ventures’ and Institutional Venture Partners’  $750 million funds raised this year, according to a report by Bloomberg News.

Andreessen Horowitz hitting up investors for a cool $650 million: report

It’s unseasonably warm in San Francisco. But is top Valley investor Marc Andreessen planning for winter? PEHub’s Dan Primack reports that Andreessen’s venture-capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, is raising a $650 million fund, little more than a year after it raised its first $300 million fund.

Raise money in memory of a loved one with 1000Memories

1000Memories, a company that lets people create online memories for lost loved ones, announced a partnership today with WePay, a payment provider. The deal will give users a free account and the option of easily raising money for projects, foundations or charities, according to its blog.

Celebrity-backed Crowdrise joins crowded online fundraising space

Actor Edward Norton, star of movies like Fight Club and The Italian Job, just launched a new funding website for charities called Crowdrise. The service targets non-profits and volunteers looking to create, promote, and raise money for a charity of choice.

5 milestones to reach before raising venture capital

I meet lots of web entrepreneurs who tell me they want to raise venture capital. Most of these people are first time entrepreneurs and they just assume that once they’ve got an idea, the next thing to do is raise venture capital. That’s naive.

Startup Fundraising 101

Back in 1998 during our first startup, ViewPlus, my co-founder (and close friend) Jimmy Kim and I went through the usual hardships of begging for money from friends and family, digging into our piggy banks and signing up for credit cards like they were lotto tickets.