Sony CES

How Sony plans to make 4K video more than just a fad

LAS VEGAS — As one of biggest hardware companies at this week’s 2014 International CES trade show, Sony had a huge opportunity to show off new products, but it kicked off today’s press event touting its commitment to ultra high-def video content.

ces wishlist

Our tech wishlist for CES: A fantasy in reply-all

Nano bots, sonic screwdrivers, security camera-foiling clothing, and a dental implant that makes broccoli taste like cupcakes: We have high hopes for CES 2014.

Seriously cool hardware startup: Lynx Laboratory’s 3D imaging camera

When it comes to 3D imaging cameras, such as those used in video games and for 3D printers, your options are kind of limited unless you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on multiple pieces of equipment. This fact alone makes the $1,800 Lynx A Camera from Austin-based startup Lynx Laboratories all the more impressive.