iPhone 5S near? Best Buy offers $50 off iPhone 5

The first rule of iPhone is that it never, never goes on sale. The second rule of iPhone is that when iPhone does go on sale, it’s only last year’s model, or even older. The third rule of iPhone is that when this year’s model goes on sale, a new model is coming soon.

Samsung’s record $5.9B Q2 profit powered by 49M smartphone shipments

Samsung’s strong sales of premium smartphones including the latest Galaxy S III boosted the record profits for the second quarter of 2012. But the competition over both high- and low-end smartphones will challenge its position in the coming quarters, analysts say.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III: It’s good to be the Android king (review)

With the Galaxy S III, Samsung is downright flaunting its expertise with Android hardware. From its gorgeous screen, to its smooth curves, the phone is a beauty to behold. The Galaxy S III joins the latest wave of Android phones (which include HTC’s One series) that finally make Android feel like the superpowerful mobile OS Google has always promised.