Acer stock plummets in midst of identity crisis

Taiwanese computer giant Acer wants to be like Apple with premium products and high margins. Now it thinks it has a more promising future in tablets, Bloomberg reports.

Samsung unveils new Galaxy Tabs (video)

Samsung unveiled the next versions of its Galaxy Tab tablet computers at the CTIA Wireless 2011 conference — an 8.9-inch and a 10.1-inch tablet that are aesthetically comparable to Apple’s iPad.

WSJ’s Mossberg rips RIM, Samsung execs a new one

Top mobile device company executives obviously overestimated their ability to positively spin responses to hard-hitting questions from Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walt Mossberg, who moderated a panel discussion about new mobile device trends at the CTIA Wireless 2011 conference today in Orlando.

Can tablets replace laptops and desktops in enterprise?

Tablet computers will one day completely replace laptops as the standard-issue workplace computer — at least, if some of the top tablet and phone manufacturers in the world have their way. CEO: Honeycomb will put Android tablets on top in enterprise

Aaron Levie, chief executive of enterprise cloud storage company, is calling Google’s mobile operating system Android the winner in the enterprise tablet race despite dominating play from Apple’s iPad and the imminent release of BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion’s PlayBook tablet.

Android steals tablet market share from Apple’s iPad

Update: Now it appears that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab sales are lower than the company previously let on, which means that Android tablets likely didn’t take as much market share away from the iPad as we reported below.

Samsung sells 2M Galaxy Tabs, 80M phones, in record-breaking quarter

Life is good for the reigning Android hardware king Samsung. The company released its record-breaking earnings report (PDF link) for the fourth quarter of 2010 yesterday, revealing that it sold 2 million Galaxy Tab tablets and 80 million phones.

The best and worst in mobile 2010: It’s all about Apple and Android

It’s been a big year for mobile news. Android continued its strong growth in the smartphone market, Apple shook things up with the iPhone 4 and completely rejuvenated the tablet market with the iPad, and former mobile titans like RIM, Palm and Nokia struggled to maintain their relevancy.

Nook Color to become a real Android tablet with January update? (Updated)

Update: Barnes and Noble reps are now saying that it has no plans to offer full access to the Android Market on the Nook color. That doesn’t mean the device won’t be getting a major Android update, but its future as a full-fledged Android tablet is likely farther off. Original post below.

iPad beats back first Android tablet — what does it all mean?

Samsung announced this morning that its Android-based Galaxy tab sold 600,000 units globally in the first month of its launch. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPad sold over a million units in the same time period (and in even fewer nations than Samsung’s global count). Furthermore, some pundits see consumer anticipation of the “iPad 2″ as weakening the whole tablet market till Q1 of next year when such a product could be announced by Apple.

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to be under $500

Research in Motion’s business-focused BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will retail for under $500, the company’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie revealed in an interview with Bloomberg.

Acer’s $299 answer to the iPad coming Nov. 23

Acer’s long-teased tablet PCs will finally launch on November 23 in New York with a price range from $299 to $699, the company’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci told Dow Jones.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Android tablet hitting Verizon Nov. 11 for $599

That faint, sad whistling sound you hear in the tech blogosphere is Samsung’s relentless hype for its Galaxy Tab devices deflating in an instant. Verizon announced today that it will offer the Android-powered tablet on November 11 for $599.99.

Analysts: Global tablet sales to reach 19.5M units in 2010

Sales of media tablets worldwide are expected to reach 19.5 million units in 2010 and will explode 181 percent to 54.8 million units in 2011, according to analysts at the research firm Gartner.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab revealed as one of Verizon’s Android tablets

A few weeks ago, we caught wind of Verizon’s Android plans for the fall and early 2011 thanks to a leaked roadmap. In addition to more Droid devices, the roadmap revealed two mysterious Android tablets for the carrier — one from Samsung, and another from Motorola.