iPhone OS 4.2 lands: Brings multitasking to iPad, free Find My iPhone service

It’s time to get updating: Apple today rolled out iPhone OS (iOS) 4.2 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, bringing with it some long-awaited new features like multitasking support on the iPad, and a surprise reveal that its “Find My iPhone” device location service is now free.

OpenFeint finds a way to co-exist with Apple’s Game Center for the iPhone

When Apple launched its Game Center social platform for iPhone games, it looked like a supporting tool such as the OpenFeint platform was doomed. That’s because OpenFeint, a social game platform built by the startup formerly known as Aurora Feint and now called OpenFeint, did much of the same thing as Game Center, socializing games so that users would make friends and play more.

How Apple could undermine console gaming with TV app games

Apple’s Steve Jobs is an expert at disrupting other companies’ businesses. Just look at what the iPhone did to Nokia and Motorola, two leaders of the cell phone business who are now trying to chase Apple.

Social-game platform makers: “Welcome, Apple. Seriously.”

On Friday, Apple announced that it would create its own social platform for games, dubbed Game Center. It’s a place where iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users can go to socialize with the gaming friends and discover new games. That could help make apps more viral, much like Facebook games.