The DeanBeat: Don’t ya wish these fantasy game consoles were coming?

With a month to go before this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo video game trade show (E3), rumors are surfacing about next-generation console announcements. We’re not likely to hear much about what sort of features they’ll have for a while with the exception of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U, which is launching this fall.

Valve “Steam Box” console rumor sounds like a bad idea

Valve is working on a new set-top gaming system standard based on PC architecture dubbed “Steam Box,” according to a report published by website The Verge, A standout feature is rumored to be a controller that could provide real-time biometric feedback from the player to the game. For example, a shooter would be able to adjust the intensity of the action based on the player’s pulse rate.

Nintendo may debut new HD console at E3 show in June

Nintendo is expected to debut a new video game console to replace its aging Wii next year. the Japanese company is expected to make that announcement at the E3 trade show in June, according to Game Informer.

Nintendo to partner with Netflix, AT&T to boost 3DS

Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld video-game player will play Netflix movies and connect to AT&T’s network of Wi-Fi hotspots next summer. Reggie Fils-Aimé, the president and COO of Nintendo North America, said that the 3DS platform will be an excellent way of promoting new games and other 3d-material.