Move over MotionScan; new lip synch tech aims to revolutionize motion capture (updated with video)

Last year, Australian company Depth Analysis took performance-driven animation to the next level with MotionScan—a technology that utilizes 32 high-definition cameras to capture an actor’s performance without the need for a special ping-pong-ball suit—in Rockstar Games’ L.A. Noire. Now, U.K.-based startup Speech Graphics wants to revolutionize audio-driven animation through new software that uniquely predicts how the muscles of the human face move to produce sounds.


HTML5 versus Adobe Flash (infographic)

One of Steve Jobs’ last major acts before passing was to launch an attack on Adobe Flash. Mobile Apple devices began blocking Flash-powered content, and Apple even went so far as to prevent iOS developers from using Flash — one of the most popular multimedia programming platforms — in their apps. Apple positioned HTML5 not as an alternative, but as a replacement. A few months later that decision was reversed based on “developer feedback” (i.e. Internet outrage), but the battle between HTML5 and Flash rages on.

DeanBeat: The iPhone fairy tale comes true for Russia’s Cut the Rope developers

The iPhone fairy tale is becoming a familiar one for game developers: A small indie developer creates a hit, people love it, and it spreads like wildfire through the App Store. Tens of millions or hundreds of millions of downloads later, and the developers are rich and on their way to building a mobile gaming empire. Sometimes they even sell adorable plush toys based on their game characters.