With Facebook deal and more, OnLive shows off impressive momentum

OnLive is announcing a bunch of partnerships today that show the company’s games-on-demand service has a lot of momentum. In advance of the E3 trade show in Los Angeles next week, OnLive has lined up seven announcements, including an interesting integration with Facebook.

OnLive unveils new features for online game players

OnLive keeps refining its games-on-demand service to make it more social. Today, the company announced that it has initiated automatic recording of game sessions so that users can capture their finest moments and share them.

Spoon wants to scoop up gamers with a new cloud gaming service

OnLive, Otoy and Gaikai have made a big splash with their cloud gaming services. But Spoon, a Seattle-based rival, has its own take on how to conveniently deliver online games to users as they demand them. And after almost five years of work, the company is launching its Spoon Cloud Gaming service today.

OnLive taps Equinix for data center services to put games in the cloud

Game service OnLive won a name for itself by making serious game-playing possible on any kind of computer via the cloud. It uses web-connected data centers to compute video game imagery and to deliver those images on demand to users, who can log into their games from any computer in the world.