Game visionary Jesse Schell talks about the pleasure revolution

When Jesse Schell talks, the game industry listens. A talk he gave at the Dice Summit in 2010 garnered hundreds of thousands of views as he talked about the logical extension of spreading game rewards beyond games. This year, the professor of entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University has elaborated on that vision in talks on a topic he calls The Pleasure Revolution.

BigDoor acquires OneTrueFan for gamification expansion (exclusive)

The gamification business, which helps web sites get more traction by making them more game-like, has sprouted startups like weeds in the past couple of years. Now it is seeing its first acquisition deal. BigDoor is announcing today that it is acquiring OneTrueFan, which handles gamification and web check-in rewards for a thousands of small and medium-size businesses. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. While it’s a small company with just five employees, the deal is symbolic as it signals the inevitable consolidation and maturing of the sector.

Venture capitalist Tim Chang describes the white-hot landscape of game investments

The emerging landscape of games is attracting a lot of money, thanks in part to excitement about Zynga’s upcoming initial public offering and some recent acquisitions such as Electronic Arts’ $750 million purchase of PopCap Games. Tim Chang, a partner at Norwest Venture Partners, has kept his finger on the pulse of the game market for years and spoke about the opportunities in games at the recent Casual Connect game conference in Seattle.