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Diablo 3 beta begins today

Initial invitations to join the beta testing program for Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 3 game are finally making the rounds to account holders.

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EA’s Secret World online game is nothing like World of Warcraft

Electronic Arts already has a game like Blizzard Entertainment’s supergiant online game, World of Warcraft, in the works — but it looks like the game publisher has one more trick up its sleeve. The company unveiled its next online role-playing game, Secret World, at its summer games showcase on Thursday.

Talking Tom 2 sees himself on screen

Outfit7 signs with WME to develop film, TV and book brands

After almost a year since the birth of Talking Tom in July 2010, the Outfit7 Talking Friends are ready to graduate from their smart phones and head for bigger screens. The company has signed with Ari Emanuel, co-chief executive of talent agency William Morris Entertainment. WME will help the brand extend into books, movies and television.

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This year’s top surprises at E3

With the video game industry’s largest trade show over, it’s time to wrap up some of the highlights. We’ll start with the biggest surprises that VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi and I saw at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Miyamoto: Only one touch-screen controller per Wii U console

When Nintendo announced its new Wii U system at E3 on Tuesday, it was unclear if the company would sell touch-screen controllers separately or if only one would work per system. Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of such franchises as Mario, Zelda, and Star Fox, said Wednesday that the system most likely will only work with a single touch-screen controller and other simple Wii-motes.

Nintendo admits E3 Wii U reel used PS3 and Xbox 360 clips

Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime admitted Tuesday that the E3 highlight reel of third-party titles for the new Wii U console used footage from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of games. In an interview with GameTrailers, Fils-Aime said it used footage from other consoles because the Wii U is a year from launch and games on its system would look at least as good as PS3 and 360 versions.

Microsoft leaks details about next Halo game

Xbox manufacturer Microsoft accidentally launched a new landing page that included new games that will be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo today — including the next iteration of the company’s wildly popular Halo franchise.

One game, any device: Hideo Kojima’s vision of a seamless gaming future

Hideo Kojima, who created the Metal Gear Solid game series, demonstrated the newest gaming feature from game maker Konami today: the ability to transfer save games between consoles and handheld gaming devices so you can continue your gaming experience on the fly. Kojima gave the demo at a pre-E3 event in San Francisco.

Nintendo details 3DS eShop, will offer free Wi-Fi to U.S. owners

Nintendo today announced details for its 3DS eShop, where users will be able to buy digital copies of new and classic games. The company also announced it had partnered with other companies to give free Wi-Fi access to 3DS owners at 25,000 locations in the United States.

The new chain gang: Chinese prisoners forced to play for virtual goods

The Guardian is reporting that prisoners in labor camps in China were forced to play online games like World of Warcraft in 12 hour shifts in order to earn virtual credits, currencies and goods which could then be sold by the guards. Prisoners who did not meet their quotas were beaten.

Scrappy Reddit user outs G4TV as site spammer

Just a friendly reminder — many users on the Internet are smart enough to catch social media “experts” gaming a community-run site. Video gaming site G4TV was apparently forced to apologize to the Reddit community for using a spammer to promote G4TV content on the new aggregator’s site.

PC-design guru Rahul Sood takes his leave from HP

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd might have been known for his ruthless cost-cutting, but he had an eye for clever acquisitions. So much so that he approved buying VoodooPC, a niche high-end PC manufacturer, in 2006 to bring the cool factor back to HP’s computer design.

GetGlue gets a good start with social recommendation service

GetGlue, the social recommendation service from startup Adaptive Blue, shared some impressive growth stats today: Its users are logging an average of 150,000 check-ins and reviews per day over the last month, up from 100,000 a few months ago.

Hyperia, online gaming network, raises $3M more

Hyperpia, a Fremont, Calif. online gaming company, has raised around $3 million in third round of funding, according to a regulatory filing cited by PE Wire. BlueRun Ventures led the deal, with John Malloy taking a board seat.