iPad 2’s thinner glass makes it much stronger than iPad 1 (video)

Despite what you may think, the iPad 2’s thinner glass screen doesn’t make it more fragile than the iPad 1’s. In fact, its thinness offers a level of flexibility that soundly trumps its predecessor, according to a stress test by repair site iFixyouri.

GE’s cleantech contest highlights 3 trends to watch

GE this week announced 12 winners in the first $55 million phase of its venture-funded $200 million Ecoimagination contest. The worldwide competition aims to hunt down the most promising cleantech startups, an area GE is actively investing in and chief executive Jeffrey Immelt has underscored in recent moves and speeches.

iPhone 4 glass screen may not be as strong as Apple suggests

The screen for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4 may not be as big an improvement as Apple wants us to believe, according to the folks over at iFixyouri. The repair firm recently received its first iPhone 4 replacement parts and decided to see if the device’s screen lived up to Apple’s marketing hype. After three drops from 3.5 feet, their experiment was answered with a loud pop, and a shattered glass screen.