Tiny Speck “unlaunches” its Glitch game, taking it back to beta to rework game play

Back in September, game startup Tiny Speck launched an unusual online game called  Glitch. Today, the company said it is “unlaunching” the game. The company will keep the game running, but it will take it back into beta testing so that the developers can rework the game play to make it easier for users to start the game and also to add new tools for fans to create things in the game world.

Stewart Butterfield built Flickr into a mass market tool. Can he be a success in online games?

Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake built Flickr into the first great photo-sharing site on the web. They sold it to Yahoo in 2005 and Butterfield stayed a few years at Yahoo. But 18 months ago, Butterfield returned to the idea of building an online game — the idea that preceded Flickr itself. Today, his new startup, Tiny Speck, unveiled a new web site and trailer for the social game Glitch, which will debut next spring.

Tiny Speck reveals a glimpse of its zany Glitch video game

Tiny Speck, a game startup founded by high-profile entrepreneur Stewart Butterfield, released a trailer and new web site today unveiling a glimpse of the zany world of the company’s Glitch game.