Hands on with Office 365: a smart option for small businesses

If you’re a small business or startup, Microsoft Office 365 should be on your technology shortlist. It’s a cloud-based suite based on the world’s most popular office software that launched in late June. It will likely get small businesses and enterprises to start considering cloud software solutions if they haven’t already. Microsoft also hopes this offering can edge into the space Google Apps has had to itself for several years.

Google+ coming to paid Google Apps accounts?

New evidence suggests that Google is planning a full roll out of Google+, its new social service currently in beta testing, to Google Apps customers with the public launch of Google+ later this month. A Google OS reader reports accidentally gaining access to Google+ through his business’ domain name (Paralaus) after switching from his personal account to his Apps account.

Why Microsoft’s Office 365 will clobber Google Apps

Yes, Microsoft is a slow, lumbering giant. It has been working on cloud for years, with numerous iterations, that took so long cloud proponent Ray Ozzie got fed up and left. Microsoft had to work through cannibalizing reseller arrangements, reconciling how to reach consumers versus businesses and a host of other issues. With Office 365, Microsoft has finally delivered an end-to-end cloud platform for businesses that encompass not only its desktop Office software, but also its server software, such as Exchange and SharePoint.

Google beefs up Apps security to win cloud customers

In any conversation about how applications and data are moving online, security is one of the first concerns to come up. That’s definitely something Google has had to address as its tries to sell Google Apps, its bundle of work tools like Gmail and Google Docs, to businesses and other organizations. Today, it’s taking big step to reduce the risk.

Insync wants to win the cloud-storage race with Google's help

A Philippines-based startup called Insync is launching the latest version of its document synchronizing product today. It might seem tough for a company that you probably haven’t heard of to challenge better-known competitors like Dropbox, SugarSync, Syncplicity, but Insync is hoping to attract users with the help of Google, since the new product integrates with Google Apps.

Google Apps makes new push for government customers

Google has been touting the government use of its business suite Google Apps for a while now, most notably signing up the City of Los Angeles (a process that has hit a few bumps). Today it’s ramping up that effort with a version targeted at national, state, and local governments, called Google Apps for Government.

City of LA: Despite what you've heard, we still like Google

It looked earlier today like Google’s work with one of its most high-profile Apps customers, the city government of Los Angeles, might be hitting some speed bumps. TechCrunch spotted a city memo stating that some early users complained about “issues and problems that have negatively affected their productivity and department operations,” leading to the extension of the pilot program and presumably delaying full implementation.