Bye-bye, Google Buzz (again)

Shockingly, most people didn’t want a social network in their email inbox, so the experiment that consisted of Google taking your inbox and insta-poofing a social network into sudden awkward existence never had a prayer of upsetting Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace.

The biggest surprises of 2010: A lost iPhone prototype, Groupon snubs Google, and more

Sometimes the most memorable stories of the year aren’t necessarily the biggest ones — instead, they’re the bits of news that completely blindside us. While many of those surprising stories may indeed go on to be among the biggest of the year, we’ve already covered those in our top stories of 2010 feature (see also our best and worst in mobile for 2010, and our top games).

Google Buzz finally adds sharing buttons to websites

Google’s controversial service Buzz was supposed to represent “a Google approach to sharing,” but until today that was limited to sharing content within Google’s own services. If you a found cool article on VentureBeat, for example, you’d have to copy the link into Buzz — there was no button to press that would instantly share the story. But Google announced this morning that it has created an easy way for publishers to add Buzz buttons to their sites.