Google+ gets YouTube and Chrome integrations, deeper ties with Google itself

Undoubtedly, Google has a lot of great products to offer outside of Google+. Larry Page realized this and explained in a post after Google’s third quarter earnings call that the team feels like it’s delivered the “+,” and now it’s time to deliver the Google. Page explained Google has grand visions for what Google+ will become, and the individual product launches are only stepping stones to get there.

Google Chrome users doubled to 160M

Google today shared some big numbers for its Google Chrome Web browser at its Google I/O conference in San Francisco. At the last I/O conference a year ago, the company said it had 70 million active users. Now it says that number has more than doubled to 160 million — not only is that super-fast growth, but it also suggests Chrome has transitioned into a product with a mass audience that Web developers should be thinking about.

Google's Chrome connects your browser to your phone

Google launched a new feature today that helps users share links and data on the desktop Chrome Web browser with phones using the company’s Android operating system. This “Chrome to Phone” feature will allow users to, for example, send directions to the Android map application and to send phone numbers to their mobile address book.

Conduit announces Google Chrome support for its massive app platform

Conduit, a company that has found great success with its cross-browser Web application platform, announced support for Google Chrome today. Now publishers will be able to develop an application once for Conduit’s platform and have it work on Chrome and other major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari). Conduit has also made thousands of Chrome-compatible apps available at its App Marketplace, making it the largest source outside Google for Chrome apps.