Google Docs list suffers an outage (and comes back)

The Google Docs List, the main directory of all of your documents, is apparently having some kind of outage today. On the Google apps status dashboard, Google has marked the Google Docs List as having a “service disruption.” It seems individual Google documents can be opened and edited are otherwise working fine, as are other Google applications. The only issues appears to be with the main Docs navigation page that lists your folders and each file you have stored with Google. We’re checking with Google public relations to see if it is a widespread problem.

Security researchers hack Google’s Chrome OS

When Google first started talking about its Google Chrome OS software a few years ago, one of the selling points was the promise that it would come with much better built-in security than other operating systems. Now, Chrome OS has only been commercially available for a few months, and security researchers have already figured out how to hack it.

As business goes virtual, collaboration and communication need consolidation

Picture this: Your sales support is on the East Coast while your business development is on the West Coast. Some of your corporate information is stored in the cloud, while the rest is on a server humming away in a closet in your headquarters. And a $10 million deal you’re about to pitch is about to fall apart because you can’t share ideas and files effectively.

Google Docs gets major facelift

While Google’s online word processing application Google Docs has its defenders (as a frequent Docs user, I count myself among them), there’s no question it falls far short of Microsoft Word in many ways. But Google executives have said 2010 will be the year that most companies and consumers will finally start to see Docs as a serious alternative, and a Docs revamp announced today could be a big part of making that happen.

Google Docs gets a web clipboard

Google has made life a bit better for hardcore Google Docs users. Today, the company unveiled a new web clipboard feature for the Docs suite. It allows users to copy items to a cloud-based clipboard from any Docs application, and then paste them into another Docs app with proper formatting.