Google Health has arrived — except maybe not

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will announce its long-awaited online health service featuring “personal health records” today. A closer reading of that story, however — bolstered by a timely CNET piece — suggests that Google will simply preview its service at a healthcare-IT trade show now underway in Orlando.

Google Health launching soon?

Trust the reliable folks over at Google Blogoscoped to unearth a login page for the long-awaited Google Health service before it actually launches. Neither the login nor any of the links on the page seem to work, but it’s another tantalizing glimpse at what Google may soon be unveiling.

The return of Adam Bosworth

The former head of Google’s health initiative, who resigned abruptly while on vacation last month, has finally resurfaced, according to his blog. It’s not exactly the first sighting of Bosworth since his departure from Google — I was told he turned up briefly at the Health 2.0 conference last month, although he apparently wasn’t saying much about what had happened — but it’s the most detailed update most of us have seen since he vanished.