Google Instant heads to the iPhone and Android

As promised, Google has brought its wicked fast Google Instant search to mobile devices with support for the iPhone and Android, the company announced today on its blog.

Google CEO: the Internet of things will augment your brain

For Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the next step in technology is the same that it has always been — augmenting humanity to handle information that a human brain couldn’t otherwise keep up with, and just make things work.

YouTube Instant creator accepts YouTube job, will continue at Stanford

The past few weeks have been good to Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh (pictured right with YouTube CEO Chad Hurley), who created the YouTube Instant site earlier this month and was then famously offered a job at YouTube. Aboukhadijeh announced on his blog today that he will accept the YouTube job offer while continuing his studies at Stanford, and he also revealed some interesting statistics and new features for his site.