Google+ usability shows promise, but still has a few hitches

Google+ looks unlike anything Google has ever produced, and that’s a good thing. Gone are the seemingly endless variations on blue color schemes and vain attempts at absolute minimalist design (see: Gmail, Google Calendar). In their place, Google has created a social network that’s not only attractive, but fun to use.

How to find VentureBeat on Google+

Google+ is great for individuals, but so far Google hasn’t provided any way for companies, websites or publications to play on the fast-growing social network. In fact, some have already been booted off for not being human enough.

Google Plus icon

Google+ is no Buzz or Wave, says trend data

Google+, the social network Google launched three weeks ago, is off to a much stronger start than the company’s failed Wave and Buzz offerings, according to a Google Trend comparison of the services built from an analysis of search trends.