Tour the updated Google Search iPhone app… with bunnies

Google released an update to its Google Search iPhone app today, adding a few small features and tweaks that should make searching faster and more intuitive. Let’s take a visual tour of what’s new in the app by searching for my favorite animal, the angora rabbit.

Google Search

Google search is in for some drastic changes

Google is planning to roll out several changes to its search engine over the next few months that will give people more than just the standard list of links and supplemental media, according to top Google Search executive Amit Singhal.

What do you love? Google knows.

Reactions to Google’s new “What do you love?” service are going to be mixed. That’s probably why the site was rolled out quietly, at night, with no more fanfare than an anonymous “tip” going to

Microsoft and Google’s war takes to the skies

Microsoft — along with a number of other new companies — has joined an increasingly large bandwagon trying to keep Google from purchasing ITA, a provider of flight information for search engines, for $700 million.

Google’s new search mantra: “Did you know?”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the future of search was blazing-fast, “autonomous” searching that constantly provides users with results. He made the comments at a keynote speech at the German IFA home electronics event in Berlin Tuesday.