Apple roundup: Steve’s big media push

So Apple made some news today. Specifically, chief executive Steve Jobs took the stage in San Francisco, where he showed off major upgrades to the company’s music and TV services.

Apple TV is the one you date, Google TV is the one you marry

After months of speculation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally revealed the new and improved Apple TV today. It has a lot going for it, including a low $99 price, redesigned hardware, and access to streaming media from the iTunes store.

Google TV’s universal search and Dish Network integration in action (video)

If you’re excited about Google TV, you owe it to yourself to watch this video demo which gives us the most polished look at the service yet. Specifically, it shows off how seamless Google’s universal search is and how Google TV integrates into a Dish Network digital video recorder. It was recorded by the blog Stuff We Like at San Diego’s Comic-Con last month.

Should you buy Google TV or wait for the new Apple TV to launch?

There’s little doubt that TV and the internet world will eventually merge, and Google and Apple are both making efforts in that direction. Devices based on Google TV are launching this fall, and Apple is expected to launch a new, stronger version of its Apple TV (now dubbed iTV) sometime next year.

New Apple TV renamed iTV — gains apps, restricted to 720p HD video

In May, we reported that the next Apple TV would potentially retail for $99 and run on iPhone-like hardware with iOS. It was an exciting reveal for a product that has long been ignored by Apple — but now it appears that the news surrounding the new Apple TV isn’t entirely rosy.

Apple TV isn’t dead yet: $99 version to run iPhone OS

After years of ignoring the Apple TV, and many rumors of a revamp, it appears that Apple is now readying a complete overhaul of the device. The next Apple TV will feature a much smaller form factor, run the iPhone operating system — and perhaps most importantly, it will retail for a mere $99, Apple sources tell Engadget.

What you missed at Google’s developer conference

Google I/O, the company’s two-day developer conference in San Francisco, is wrapping up right now. It has been a real barrage of news from the search giant and related companies, so I’ll recap in case you haven’t been keeping up.

Logitech’s big plans for Google TV

Kevin Simon, a product management director at Logitech, gave me more details this afternoon about what the company is building around Google TV, the just-announced system for accessing the Web on your television. Logitech’s “companion box” (the company isn’t sharing its official name yet) will be much more than an Internet connection for your TV, he said. And Logitech isn’t stopping with a single device.

Google execs: Google TV’s killer feature is openness

At a session with journalists this morning, Google executives responded directly to questions about why they think Google TV will succeed against competing services and devices from companies like Yahoo and Apple.

Boxee sees Google TV as complementary in bringing Web to your TV

Now that Google has officially announced its plans to revolutionize the way we watch TV, it’s time for potential competitors to react. One of the most promising TV-Web players is the New York-based Boxee, which has been working on software that lets users bring Web content to their televisions for the past few years. According to a recent tweet by the company’s founder, Avner Ronen, he sees Google TV as more complementary than competitive, and he seems interested in developing a Boxee Android app for TVs.

Google shows off YouTube from your couch with Lean Back

During its keynote for Google TV today, Google announced a couch-centered interface for YouTube dubbed Lean Back. It was described as a way to gain access to YouTube’s entire video library on your television in a format “that you can just lean back and enjoy.”

Google brings the Web to your TV

Google confirmed widespread speculation today by demonstrating a new service for accessing the Web and other applications on your television. Rather predictably, it will be named Google TV, and it will be based on Google’s Android smartphone platform.

Google TV demo stumbles over connectivity problems

Google executives are on-stage right now demonstrating Google TV, their new service for browsing the Web on your TV, at a conference center in San Francisco for the company’s annual Google I/O developer conference. Rather hilariously, however, the demonstration was delayed by several minutes due to connectivity problems.

Google’s Android-based TV platform reportedly debuting next month

Google is readying its Android-based television software for debut in May, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The company will apparently unveil its Google TV platform at the developer-centered Google I/O conference in San Francisco, which runs from May 19 to May 20.