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Nothing harder than paying by credit card can succeed. Consumers demand more

Nearly 60 percent of consumer loyalty memberships go inactive each year, with meaningful rewards on the line too — about $15 billion annually. But with the exception of an occasional coupon fanatic, consumers are creatures of habit and hate hassle, even if they love free stuff. Swiping a plastic loyalty card, typing in a phone number, or stuffing wallets with paper punch cards proves onerous and easy to quit.

The mobile customer journey, seen by MobileROI

For mobile marketer MobileROI, Apple Pay is the missing link

“We’re the first mobile marketing automation platform to integrate Apple Pay, with a full view online and in-store, with beacons, of the customer journey,” CEO and cofounder Puneet Mehta. He added that his company’s platform enables “any sensor integration,” whether beacons, RFID, or others.


NFC’s ongoing user interface problem: some readers don’t work

I haven’t had a lot of kind words for NFC, the mobile payments mechanism that some have touted as the Next Big Thing in payments. I’ve knocked it for being a kludgy experience that doesn’t deliver any meaningful consumer value over swiping a credit card. But NFC has another big problem: Even when you think it might work, it doesn’t.

American Express not in Google Wallet

American Express isn’t part of Google Wallet

Although you can now load an American Express card onto Google Wallet, AmEx wants to make sure consumers know that it’s not an American Express-approved product. (Disclosure: I have a very small position in $AXP.)

Google Wallet for mobile payments

Google Wallet: Leave home without it

Sometimes companies do something just to feel like they’re making progress, even if that something makes no sense. That’s the only way I can rationalize what Google is doing with the latest twist on its Wallet initiative.

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Get ready: NFC is nearing its tipping point

The mobile experience is in a renaissance period, from phones to tablets to autos and more. We’re seeing multi-core processors come to mobile devices to enable new applications like intense gaming and HD video playback, and we’re seeing advanced user interfaces, such as gesture and eye tracking, that could greatly improve the mobile experience. Then there’s Near Field Communications (NFC). Many predict NFC will bring one of the most significant improvements to the mobile experience of all.