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Google+ is no Buzz or Wave, says trend data

Google+, the social network Google launched three weeks ago, is off to a much stronger start than the company’s failed Wave and Buzz offerings, according to a Google Trend comparison of the services built from an analysis of search trends.

Google Wave to ride again as open source Apache project

Open source programmers who have been working to keep Google Wave alive hit a significant milestone today by submitting their open source Wave code to the Apache Software Foundation, The Register reports.

Messaging startup Threadbox finalizes sale to MySpace

Threadbox, a startup that helped users organize their communication, announced today that it has finished a deal with MySpace, whereby MySpace will acquire some of its technology and hire some of its team.

Google sinks its Wave collaboration tool

Google announced in a blog post today that it’s ending development on its Google Wave collaboration product and may shut down the site completely next year.

Can a “Head of Social” help Google fend off Facebook?

When Google was fresh off its $27 billion initial public offering almost six years ago, Facebook was but a college social network fueled by hormones and the occasional lascivious profile photo. It had just around 200,000 members and $500,000 in angel funding.