One-fifth of all websites blocked in the U.K.

In an effort to protect young adults from mature content, U.K. Internet service providers now block approximately one-fifth of all websites, according to a study conducted by Open Rights Group.

Waterloo, Ontario's new $160M center for quantum computing.

OpenText investing $2B in 1,200 new cloud computing jobs in Ontario, Canada

Enterprise information management leader OpenText said today that it would be doubling its workforce in Ontario, Canada by hiring 1,200 new employees. That’s an investment of up to $2 billion, the company said, and it comes with a government inducement, as the government of Ontario gave the company a one-time grant of $120 million.

What the government can learn from crowdfunders

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in on a web chat held by the United States State Department. The subject was crowdfunding. Jessica Jackley of popular microloan platform Kiva and Sherwood “Woodie” Neiss of the Startup Exemption and Crowdfund Capital Advisors were discussing crowdfunding in a global context.