GamesBeat Weekly Roundup

If you follow VentureBeat but don’t regularly check our GamesBeat site, here’s a list of the best games stories we ran over the last seven days that you may have missed.

Author David Kushner tells the inside tale on Grand Theft Auto and the video game violence wars (interview)

David Kushner has been on the front lines of the video game culture wars. In 2004, he published Masters of Doom, a portrait of the founders of id Software (the makers of the seminal first-person shooter game Doom). Now he has published a book about Rockstar Games, the company at the heart of the culture war on game violence and creator of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Take-Two follows a profitable 2010 with stellar 2011 games lineup

Take-Two Interactive Software reported a strong profit for the fiscal year and quarter ended Oct. 31, the first time it has reported a sizable profit in a year when it didn’t ship a Grand Theft Auto Game. Much of that was due to the breakout hit from Take-Two’s RockStar Games label, Red Dead Redemption.

After raising $100M and launching dud online game, Realtime Worlds heads for bankruptcy

Realtime Worlds was a promising game studio that probably got its hands on too much money. The Dundee, Scotland-based  company filed for administration, or bankruptcy protection, after raising more than $100 million. It’s a sad end to a nine-year journey for one of the video game industry’s pioneering creators, David Jones, the creator of Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto designer takes his mayhem online with All Points Bulletin

You can thank David Jones for all of the mayhem in video games. He is the father of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games that first debuted in 1997 and inspired the crime genre. That ultraviolent crime game series went on to generate billions of dollars in revenue. But Jones traded that world for another one. He founded Realtime Worlds in 2002, where he became creative director. The company launched Crackdown, a comic-style urban crowd control game, and for the past five years, his company has toiled on a massively multiplayer online game, All Points Bulletin. The game shipped yesterday.

Red Dead Redemption frees Take-Two from the Grand Theft Auto curse (interview)

For many years, Grand Theft Auto has been a huge boon for Take-Two Interactive, selling tens of millions of copies and generating billions in revenue. But the company has always struggled to make itself profitable in the off years when it wasn’t shipping a new GTA game. It’s been a bit like a curse, although other game companies would love to have this problem. But with the successful launch of the Wild West open world game Red Dead Redemption (made by the company’s Rockstar Games division), Take-Two is finally riding high. It isn’t profitable just yet, since it is still investing heavily in very high-quality games that take a long time to make. But some of the heat is off, and Ben Feder, chief executive of New York-based Take-Two, is happy about that. We caught up with him at E3 to talk about life beyond Grand Theft Auto. Here’s a transcript of the conversation.