Acer starts selling a laptop with a not-so-secret Nvidia graphics chip

Acer has begun selling its Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG Ultrabook(thin laptop) — the first Ultrabook that has a stand-alone graphics chip in addition to the integrated graphics in the laptop’s Intel chip. That means the new computer will be thin and light yet still able to run outstanding graphics in games such as Battlefield 3.

Laser beam uses graphics chip to identify and zap mosquitoes

Graphics have proven to be very useful in powering video games where you can zap huge numbers of bad guys in a minute. But now they may prove useful in powering lasers that can zap live mosquitoes out of the sky — all in the name of eliminating malaria.

With Fusion, AMD plans to stop being the underdog in chips

Making good on plans it laid in 2006, Advanced Micro Devices is finally announcing that its Fusion family of computer chips, which combine graphics functions with general computing power, are ready for prime time. Namely, they’re starring in a host of PC models set to be unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.