AMD pumps extreme performance into mid-range computers with 1-gigahertz Cape Verde graphics chips

Advanced Micro Devices is rolling out new graphics chips today that will bring screaming performance to the mid-range of the gamer PC market. The new AMD Radeon HD 7700 series (code-named Cape Verde) has a lot of the same technology as AMD’s code-named Tahiti graphics chip, which debuted in December as the world’s fastest graphics chip. But the 1-gigahertz-capable 7700 chips will be built into graphics add-on cards that cost only $99 to $199.

Nvidia aims to knock Intel out of supercomputers with ARM CPUs and graphics chips

Nvidia is forging ahead with its plans to revolutionize supercomputers and workstations with a number of announcements today. Among them, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center will be the first in the world to adopt a solution that combines Nvidia’s low-power ARM-based Tegra central processing units (CPUs) with Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs).

Nvidia claims your computer will be brain-dead if it doesn't use graphics chips

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are talking like the best days of the stand-alone graphics chip are over. Both have combo chips coming early next year that pack a microprocessor and graphics processor in the same chip. That’s supposed to be bad news for Nvidia, but the feisty graphics chip maker — the last company left standing after more than a decade of Darwinian competition — says that its demise is being exaggerated once again.