Nvidia poised to change gaming with cloud graphics chips

Nvidia announced today that it has created unique features in its Kepler-based graphics chips that could make cloud-based gaming much more practical. The company has also formed partnerships with companies such as Gaikai to make cloud games much cheaper and more appealing to gamers and maybe even eliminate the need to create a new generation of consoles.

Nvidia beats earnings predictions but lowers forecast

Nvidia reported earnings today that beat analyst forecasts for the third fiscal quarter ended Jan. 31, but it lowered its outlook for the coming fourth fiscal quarter. While demand for high-end graphics is strong, the hard-drive shortage is partly affecting the company’s ability to sell graphic chips.

AMD pumps extreme performance into mid-range computers with 1-gigahertz Cape Verde graphics chips

Advanced Micro Devices is rolling out new graphics chips today that will bring screaming performance to the mid-range of the gamer PC market. The new AMD Radeon HD 7700 series (code-named Cape Verde) has a lot of the same technology as AMD’s code-named Tahiti graphics chip, which debuted in December as the world’s fastest graphics chip. But the 1-gigahertz-capable 7700 chips will be built into graphics add-on cards that cost only $99 to $199.

Nvidia aims to knock Intel out of supercomputers with ARM CPUs and graphics chips

Nvidia is forging ahead with its plans to revolutionize supercomputers and workstations with a number of announcements today. Among them, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center will be the first in the world to adopt a solution that combines Nvidia’s low-power ARM-based Tegra central processing units (CPUs) with Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs).

Nvidia beats forecasts for graphics chip sales

Nvidia, the largest stand-alone maker of graphics chips, beat earnings estimates for its first fiscal quarter ended May 1, thanks to stronger PC graphics chip sales and the beginning of revenues from its Tegra mobile chip business.