Funding Daily: investment news best served with a glass of wine

Now that we have survived the bad luck of Friday the 13th, the fireworks and wine-saturated festivities of Bastille Day, and the ides of July, it is time to dive back into the world of venture capital. There was quite a bit of funding news today, although most of it was rather dry. If you need a little something to sweeten these deals, open a bottle of Bordeaux and remember the French motto that wine makes everything better. Or was it Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity?

2 startups say they can keep your phone charged wherever you are

In the glamorous world of mobile technology, battery charging is a bit of a Cinderella. This is in spite of the fact that power is a major issue for most users of mobile technology, especially as phones get more sophisticated and power-hungry. Mobile carriers are also effected, since users conserve the battery by using the phone less. At the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona this week, two startups showed off products that address the dead battery problem.