EcoScraps makes millions getting stores to buy back their own garbage

It’s hardly a secret that Americans not only consume massive amounts of food everywhere but also throw massive amounts away. Fortunately, a scrappy startup called EcoScraps is doing its part to remedy one of these problems. The company announced today that it has raised $1.5 million in its first round of funding, which will enable the team to expand operations into more stores and regions across the United States.

Green:Net 2010 conference — where internet and green meet (discount)

Green:Net 2010 is where green and IT meet. The GigaOM Network’s Green:Net, is unlike other green technology conferences — it offers a specific point of view on how the computing and Internet revolutions will provide the tools needed to fight climate change. Don’t miss attending the green conference for the Internet industry, it’s where the clever people of the Valley will make a positive difference.

GreenBeat: Ultimate media roundup — pics, videos, slides and more

At this time last week, we were just about to kick off our inaugural GreenBeat conference focused on the Smart Grid. We’re thrilled to still be receiving valuable feedback and new ideas for the event next year. To provide our readers — including those who couldn’t make it out this time — with a taste of the GreenBeat experience, we’re providing some photos and videos here, as well as the presentations made by our lineup of speakers.