GreenBeat: Ultimate media roundup — pics, videos, slides and more

At this time last week, we were just about to kick off our inaugural GreenBeat conference focused on the Smart Grid. We’re thrilled to still be receiving valuable feedback and new ideas for the event next year. To provide our readers — including those who couldn’t make it out this time — with a taste of the GreenBeat experience, we’re providing some photos and videos here, as well as the presentations made by our lineup of speakers.

GreenBeat: Live-blogging Nobel Prize winner Al Gore

Straight from VentureBeat’s GreenBeat 2009 event, we bring you former vice president and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. I’ll be live-blogging this session — so it won’t be perfect or word-for-word, but it will be fast! We’ll pull out the gems as soon as we can.

GreenBeat: Khosla warns against Smart Grid hype, pushes storage

“I’m not skeptical that the Smart Grid should exist,” famed Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla said, kicking off his conversation with VentureBeat editor Matt Marshall at VentureBeat’s GreenBeat 09 event today. “I wouldn’t be here if I was.” Khosla has been unofficially dubbed a Smart Grid skeptic because his venture firm, Khosla Ventures, has yet to make a significant investment in the space. He says he has been avidly scouting for a Smart Grid startup to get behind — he just hasn’t found one yet.

GreenBeat: Where will the VC money flow on the Smart Grid?

Venture capitalists and investment bankers are fascinated by the potential of making money from Smart Grid investments and initial public offerings in the coming year, judging from the latest panel at VentureBeat’s GreenBeat 09 event today.

GreenBeat: New startup Locust could crush traditional data storage

Emerging from stealth mode today at GreenBeat 2009, Locust Storage, has developed 90 to 95 percent efficiency in data center energy consumption. CEO Seth Georgion, hailing from the oil and gas industry, says that, like so many game changing ideas, this one was drafted on a cocktail napkin. That was eight months ago.

GreenBeat: Utilities eye their own ‘iTunes App Stores’ for Smart Grid apps

“Every utility will have its own version of the iTunes App Store,” said Austin Energy, CIO of Austin Energy, during this morning’s utility panel at GreenBeat 2009 in San Mateo, Calif. — essentially, every major utility, in order to be at the cutting edge of the Smart Grid, will need to have a full portfolio of applications that can help their customers trim their energy use and their monthly bills. This has become vitally important, especially for utilities operating in deregulated markets, like Texas, where customers can decide which energy vendor to use based on the breadth of services they provide.

GreenBeat: Brace yourselves, electricity prices will rise over next 10-30 years, Duke CEO Jim Rogers says

“In the last 50 years, electricity prices have been flat — in the next 10 to 30, the price of electricity is going to rise,” said Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers in conversation with Matter Network’s John Gartner at GreenBeat 2009 this evening. “This is going to lead to a lot of frustration from consumers and political reactions,” he continues. The key, he says, is how utilities, their customers and governments respond to this increase.

GreenBeat: Accenture’s Sharon Allan says U.S. needs to play catch-up in cleantech

Sharon Allan, leader of Accenture’s North America Smart Grid practice, took the stage at GreenBeat2009 to present results to the firm’s survey on attitudes toward and responses to climate change and initiatives to battle global warming. Unsurprisingly, her major points also pointed to the U.S. falling behind other developed countries in battling the emission of greenhouse gases, and supporting the innovations and policies needed to slash carbon output — something John Doerr also decried in his opening.

GreenBeat: Doerr wants to see more U.S. leadership in smart grid, cleantech

“Ten years out we want lamps that use 2 of percent the energy [they’re usually using now] and put out the same amount of light,” Doerr said at the beginning of his talk at GreenBeat 2009 today — indicative of his interest and that of his firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in the newest, boldest investments when it comes to cleantech and the grid.

GreenBeat speaker EcoFactor takes top honors Cleantech Open

Making the rounds of Smart Grid events (and there are quite a few of them this season), smart thermostat company EcoFactor nabbed the $250,000 grand prize in yesterday’s Cleantech Open business plan competition. EcoFactor’s Scott Hublou will be speaking today at GreenBeat 2009.

Newest experts recruited for GreenBeat: Allan, Hublou, Mezey, Pacyna, Von Dollen

We’re putting the final touches on the agenda for GreenBeat 2009, the seminal executive conference on the Smart Grid, taking place next week on Nov. 18 and 19. Today, we’re delighted to announce the addition of representatives from the Electric Power Research Institute, several major corporations shaping the grid, and a bold new startup.