Redwood Systems wins title of most innovative company at GreenBeat 2010

Intelligent lighting system provider Redwood Systems was voted by judges to be the best of 10 companies presenting in the Innovation Competition today at VentureBeat’s cleantech conference, GreenBeat 2010, at Stanford University. Judges have decided that Redwood Systems will have the biggest impact on making more efficient power grids a reality, the main theme of GreenBeat 2010.

Investor Vinod Khosla scoffs at smart grid wannabes

Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla continued to warn against the hype around smart grid technologies this afternoon, taking aim at two main targets — consumer technology that he argued isn’t really part of the smart grid and environmentalists, who bring wishful thinking to the smart grid debate.

9 more startups charging the Super Grid

The super grid, the focus of this week’s GreenBeat 2010 conference, isn’t just the domain of huge companies like GE and Cisco. The opportunities to create a clean, self-healing energy network, dynamically integrate renewable energy and local power sources, and automatically lower electricity demand are so big that startups are finding numerous niches to exploit. Besides the 10 startups presenting at GreenBeat’s Innovation Competition, here are nine more worth watching.

10 startups that could make serious green at GreenBeat 2010

We’re excited to announce the finalists of the GreenBeat 2010 Innovation Competition. VentureBeat and its advisors selected these companies for having the most promising ideas for making the next generation of the smart grid — a bionic upgrade we’re calling the super grid that’s the ultimate marriage of infotech and cleantech — a big business.

Meet 26 experts charging the super grid: GreenBeat 2010's latest speakers

We’ve written a lot about what it will take to transform today’s energy infrastructure into the super grid of tomorrow, from cleaner, cheaper energy sources to smarter networks and support for fleets of electric vehicles. But the ultimate requirement is people. We’ll have to tap our collective brainpower like never before. That’s why VentureBeat is assembling a superstar cast of speakers for our GreenBeat 2010 conference, at the academic powerhouse of Stanford University on November 3 and 4.

32 companies charging the Super Grid now

The super grid, the theme of VentureBeat’s next GreenBeat conference, involves a bewildering array of technologies and companies from industry behemoths like GE and Cisco to disruptive young startups. Together, they’re taking existing efforts to build a smart power grid to the next level. With billions of dollars of untapped potential in the profitable collision of information technology, energy, and cleantech, it’s no wonder so many pioneers are staking out territory.

The super grid. Coming soon to a power outlet near you

If there is one technology which is truly essential and ubiquitous in our world, it’s electricity. Yet few of us have any idea how the power grid works. That’s going to have to change. Understanding the grid of today is the key to building the grid of tomorrow, a theme which VentureBeat will explore next week at its GreenBeat 2010 conference at Stanford University. The theme: “Charging the Super Grid.”