Another happy-looking Tesla driver.

One year and 15,000 miles with a Tesla Model S

My view has become more nuanced after 365 days and 15,243 miles of of blizzards, bird droppings, heat, cold, glitches, groceries, dogs, road trips, drag races, Superchargers, traffic jams, service visits, vampire draw, software updates, and “Check Tire Pressure Monitoring System” warnings.

Tesla's Model S is rated for a top speed of 130 mph.

Watch this Tesla Model S hit 132 mph on the Autobahn (video)

A few weeks back at the opening of a Tesla Motors service center in Munich, Elon Musk told a room full of fans and journalists that Tesla would offer a special tuning package for high-speed Model S driving.

The Honda Fit EV gets 188 MPG (equivalent).

The 5 most energy-efficient cars of 2013

Gasoline and diesel cars don’t even come close to these electric cars (and one plug-in hybrid), each of which offer the equivalent of more than 100 MPG.

Saudi Arabia uses your gas dollars to fund solar energy

Later this year, Saudi Arabia is expected to approve very ambitious plans for a massive array of renewable energy projects. The first installations should be completed next year.

Toyota’s electric car strategy hasn’t changed

Toyota has canceled plans for its eQ electric car. But that’s not a huge about-face: Toyota has always “taken a more conservative view of the market for battery-powered cars” than Nissan, General Motors, and other companies.

Tesla webcasting Supercharger quick-charge unveiling tonight

Tesla Motors will reveal not only the looks and details of the Supercharger but also its deployment plans in a webcast tonight from an event that starts at 7:30 Pacific (10:30 p.m. Eastern).

Mechanic worries that electric-car brakes will ruin his business

Talk to any independent auto-repair mechanic, and you’ll learn that the single most important item that keeps a shop in business is brakes. But hybrids and electric cars use their friction brakes far less aggressively than regular cars.

Tesla now building 10 Model S cars per week

On Thursday, Tesla Motors said that since June 22, when it started deliveries of its 2012 Model S, it has built 50 cars. Of those, 29 are destined for customer deliveries.