Why Groupon’s still not well in China despite group-buying uptick

Online group buying is finally proving popular in China, according to a report released on Monday by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). According to the report, Chinese market witnessed an increase of 244.8% in online group buying in the year 2011. Despite a massive blow to Groupon and others last year, Chinese online group buying is finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

“Groupon for good” launches a service for charitable group buys

Group buying services have grown explosively over the last few years. Groupon, LivingSocial, Yipit, Foursquare and even Google have jumped into the suddenly hot arena of offering consumers discounts on local merchants’ products and services.

Who gets hurt if Groupon collapses

Daily deals site Groupon is launching its IPO roadshow this week and is seeking a $10 billion valuation for the company, less than half of what was rumored when the company first filed to go public in June. That’s a big haircut.

pandora nyse

Show's over: Pandora skids in second day of trading

Share prices of online radio service Pandora skidded in its second day of public trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), falling nearly 25 percent from its closing price on Wednesday. Shares are now trading at a price below the company’s initial public offering price of $16.

Swimming in cash: Groupon’s $750M IPO by the numbers

Group-buying site Groupon just filed for an initial public offering and is looking to raise up to $750 million. The company has submitting its S-1 filing to the Securities and Exchange commission.

Scoutmob lands $1.5M more for location-based group deals

Scoutmob, a location-based group deals company, plans to announce tomorrow that it has secured a first round of funding for $1.5 million, according to New Atlantic Ventures representatives, who led the funding. The new funding will be used to roll out its deal service to new cities, continue development and hire more employees.

LivingSocial authorizes a $565M funding round

Group discount site LivingSocial has authorized the sale of shares to raise up to $565 million in its fifth round of funding, according to a state filing discovered by VCExperts.com.

Rob Solomon: Too rich for Groupon?

The No. 2 executive at daily-deals purveyor Groupon, Rob Solomon, has taken advantage of the company’s unlimited-paid-days-off policy — for good.

Groupon China launches after rumors of a bumpy start

Gaopeng.com, the joint venture from Tencent and Groupon, which offers group buying deals to Chinese consumers, has officially opened. The venture supposedly got off to a clunky start, with reports saying the site went live in mid-February for a day before being hastily taken offline, but now Groupon has officially launched the site.

Groupon in China — why it could succeed where others have failed

A lot of articles have been swirling around over the past week about Groupon’s entrance into China and a possible partnership with China’s biggest internet service portal, Tencent. They’ve all said things like “China is a tough nut to crack”, “foreign companies come to China to die”, and “Groupon will be no different”, but few offered insights into why Groupon may or may not be different.

LivingSocial does another deal with Amazon.com

Since VentureBeat first reported that Amazon.com was jumping into the group-buying frenzy with its $175 million investment in LivingSocial, we’ve been wondering how the companies will collaborate. Wonder no more: LivingSocial is offering $20 Amazon.com gift certificates for $10.

What Google knows about Groupon

As speculation mounts about an imminent buyout of daily-deals company Groupon by Google for a rumored price tag of $6 billion, one salient fact is being ignored: The two companies are already in bed with each other.

NimbleCommerce lets newspapers build their own Groupon

Startup NimbleCommerce is officially launching today, but founder and chief executive Prashant Nedungadi said the company, which has been working in stealth mode for the past year and half, has already signed up more than 25 large newspapers and business directories for its group-buying service.

Groupon’s next big challenge: Making babies

Just in case getting coupons for big discounts hasn’t won you over to group buying site Groupon, chief executive Andrew Mason announced some extra incentive today: The company is offering to send your kid to college.

DEMO: The secret of Groupon’s success is … good writing?

Among startups, there’s a tendency to emphasize product technology, rather than fuzzier skills and qualities that don’t “scale”. But chief executive Andrew Mason said today that the success of his popular social buying site Groupon had less to do with brilliant tech and more with good writing, and with unfashionable technology like email.

Group buying startup LivingSocial heads abroad, opens in London

LivingSocial, one of the two most prominent social buying startups in the United States, has decided to expand to the United Kingdom through organic growth. The company’s opening a London-based version of the site and plans to open to a number of other big British cities over the next year.

How Groupon’s rivals are trying to catch up on social buying

The tide of group buying sites, which mix discounting with viral marketing to make marketing offers more effective, isn’t abating anytime soon. Yipit, a New York-based startup that aggregates deals from about 90 different social buying companies, says four newbies are starting to see some traction behind the two giants in the field, Groupon and LivingSocial.

LivingSocial raises $25M for group buying, Facebook apps

Hardly a week goes by where we don’t receive a company pitch from a hopeful startup trying to crash the group deals scene. And it’s for good reason, since venture capital firms seem happy to throw cash at well-executed takes on the business model.