Nokia and Microsoft: Can two weaklings make a muscleman?

Nokia and Microsoft are now allies. This is not a total surprise as Nokia has partnered with Microsoft in the past, albeit in a much more limited fashion (e.g., connection to Office and SharePoint).

How Verizon landed Apple’s iPhone

Verizon is definitely getting the iPhone next year, according to a Fortune profile of the company and its chief executive Ivan Seidenberg.

Apple expected to build 3M Verizon-ready CDMA iPhones in December

A week can’t go by without another Verizon-iPhone rumor, fueled by dissatisfaction with Apple’s exclusive deal with AT&T and that carrier’s strained network in media-saturated big cities like New York and San Francisco. Now there’s word that Apple is gearing up to build its first 3 million CDMA iPhones, which would work on Verizon’s network, this December, according to Jeffrey Fidacaro with Susquehanna Financial Group.

Former Sun Labs chief believes in spreading cell phone service everywhere (video)

I remember interviewing Glenn Edens when he was the head of Sun Labs, the research arm of Sun Microsystems. He has since moved on to a very interesting startup, Range Networks, that appeared on stage at the DEMO Fall 2010 conference this week in Santa Clara, Calif. Edens says Range Networks wants to get cell phones in the hands of everybody in the world and hopes its technology can lead to service fees that are dramatically lower than what we see today. Today, cell phone service has been stuck at around $35 a month; Edens believes that can be lowered to $2 or $3 a month.

DEMO: Range Networks rings in cell-phone service for $2 a month

Cell phones have reached nearly ever corner of the globe. Sixty percent of the world’s population havephones and one in four have Internet access. But Range Networks doesn’t think that’s good enough. The startup, which is launching today at DEMO Fall 2010, believes that everybody on the planet should have access to Web-connected cell phones. And it believes it can enable cell phones that are so cheap they can be operated profitably with $2- to $3-a-month subscriptions.