Watching TV

The new TV demographics: The 'ads' and 'ad-nots'

When commercial television made its debut in the U.S., programmers and brands quickly recognized the medium’s rich marketing value. And so began decades of variations in monetizing TV.


The 2 biggest emerging opportunities in cryptocurrency

The two greatest areas for innovation and value creation in the Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies sector are in providing solutions for banks in developing countries and creating a better decentralized ledger.

Black Hat

Why cyber criminals are winning: The secret weapon of the black hats

Another day. Another hack. One day it’s black hats making headlines with a massive hack on Home Depot. The next, it’s the theft of 4.5 million U.S. hospital records or 1.2 billion web credentials. The connected world is under siege and the current cyber security approach is falling woefully short — as evidenced by the headlines.

New TV

Hey Nielsen: If TV audience measurement ain't broke, don't 'fix' it

Don’t you hate watching someone work on a ‘solution’ to fix a problem that has already been solved? This is what’s currently happening in the digital media space for television with audience measurement and tracking.


Forget scale, the key to native ads is quality

2014 is poised to be a big year for “native advertising” as it goes from an industry buzzword, commonly used and inconsistently defined, to a meaningful share of revenue for most publishers. Or at least that’s what I asked Santa for a few weeks ago.

Music image via CS Stock/Shutterstock

Why we haven’t reached digital music’s golden era

Hypothetically, digital music fans should currently be living through a golden era. But short-sighted interests could be leading us into a dysfunctional new era of the music business instead.

Google's Chromecast HDMI media streamer.

6 predictions about TV’s future in a post-Chromecast world

The relatively successful launch of Google’s new $35 Chromecast dongle — and increasing adoption of technologies like Airplay and Miracast — are painting a vivid picture of the changes in store for the video ecosystem. Here’s why and how.

iPhone Apps

Why all your apps feel the same

You’ve probably realized deep down inside that while our smartphones are capable of providing amazing experiences, dozens of our most-used apps are beginning to feel like clones of each other.


Do online publishers need to change their mindset?

Increasingly, it’s difficult for traditional publishers to compete with the quick-fire, high-volume, and often high-quality content of blogs and leaner social news sites. Isn’t it time for a new mindset on the future of publishing?


R.I.P. Boxee: 3 lessons to learn from Boxee’s demise

Boxee did many things right. But as time went on, it started doing more and more things wrong. For the sake of the future and XBMC, let’s look into a few of the mistakes of Boxee, so that we — and other XBMC businesses — can hopefully avoid them in the future.

Analyzing the market of HTML5 games

What the are the best HTML5 game engines? The most popular HTML5 games to date? The best libraries for HTML5 games? used a spider to find out.

4 reasons Facebook doesn’t work for healthcare

Providing the right information and regular support for patients is something the health care system will never, ever be able to do on its own. A big part of the solution will come from startups like us, but probably not from the likes of Facebook. Here’s why:

Soon, all online advertising will be video

Video advertising will double approximately every two years until all online ads will be video ads. That’s right — all online ads will be video.

4 secrets for monetizing mobile apps across platforms

While mobile applications are one of today’s fastest growing digital sectors, many developers are continuing to struggle with finding monetary successes for their work. Here’s a few secrets on how to fix that.

7 tips for first-time SXSW’ers

I never quite understood the value of going to SXSW, nor did I have any expectations.That said, here are a few things I wish I’d known heading into my first South by:

Struggling to hire developers? Maybe it’s your fault.

We talk to a lot of company founders about recruiting, and their stories are all pretty similar: hiring great developers is hard, and it’s getting harder by the day. Most blame external forces–the talent shortage or competitors with deeper pockets–but in our experience very few point the finger where it truly belongs: right back at themselves.

Bringing the old school vibe back to SXSW

Whether you think of it as some sort of bloated travesty, or what some call the Super Bowl of technology gatherings, SXSW is in no way like what it once was just 5 years ago.