Healthtech startup Prebacked wants to reverse the incubator process

Most incubators aim to help startups land funding for their ideas, but one healthcare technology startup is aiming to change this model. Prebacked hosts pre-incubation programs that get customers (large enterprises, such as Fortune 500 companies) to pitch the problems they are facing to early-stage startup teams, rather than the other way around.


Facebook takes its hackathon tour around the world

Given the world’s rabid interest in events like f8, the company’s developer conference, and its Mobile HACK Roadshow earlier this spring, bringing more Facebook hackathons to more developers makes a ton of sense


Startup Weekend goes global with offices in London & Mexico City

Startup Weekend, the household name in hackathons, has expanded its operations to a much wider international audience. Although the organization has for some time been conducting hackathons around the world, it is now opening offices in two non-U.S. locations: London and Mexico City.


The rise of the hack

I didn’t know it could be someone’s job to attend hackathons. I hadn’t heard of a developer evangelist before, so a year ago when I stumbled across an opportunity to become one, I was drawn by its novelty.

Hackers land big checks as Spotify looks to open its app store by end of March

VentureBeat spent some time this weekend at the Spotify music apps hackathon, 48 hours of coding, ping pong and pizza in New York. It was an interesting chance to see what is possible on Spotify’s platform, and we picked up some useful gossip along the way. According to two sources we chatted with, Spotify is hoping to open up its App Store, which currently has only ten hand-picked partners, to all third party developers by the end of March.


Startup Weekend refocuses on community, practical entrepreneurship

If you thought Startup Weekend was a hackathon, you’d be about half right. According to a recent report, the event’s focus has shifted from executing clever tech tricks to solving problems in a community. It’s an exercise in practical entrepreneurship rather than pure coding.