4 surefire ways to protect your IP

(Editor’s note: Rob Marano is president and CEO of InDorse Technologies. He submitted this story to VentureBeat.)

Annoyed by braggarts, hackers will vote on best security hacks

Skilled hackers are often annoyed by amateurs who use automated attacks to cause mayhem. They refer to the youngsters as “script kiddies,” since they follow scripts and aren’t truly skillful. So a new web site called RankMyHack.com has emerged that will allow underground hackers to anonymously submit their exploits and have the community vote on them.


Anonymous fights with itself over planned Facebook attack

New details have emerged on the purported plot by hacker collective Anonymous to “kill” Facebook on Nov. 5. In recent Twitter posts, it appears the group has confirmed that some of its members are working on the plan, nicknamed #OpFacebook, but that other members do not support the initiative.

Photos show the cultural difference between Black Hat and Defcon hacker events

Thousands of security professionals, hackers, federal agents and media descended on Las Vegas this week to attend the Black Hat and Defcon conferences. The two conferences exhibit the extremes of hacker and security culture, with federal agents and major corporations descending on Black Hat in large numbers and mohawk-styled hackers and Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyers attending Defcon. It’s like the difference between law enforcement and pranksterism, where both have the object of protecting freedom.

Author Steven Levy tells young hackers about their religion

Steven Levy wrote his first book, Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, in 1984. At the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas today, he talked about the word “hacker” and its origins amid a crowd of young practitioners of the craft, many of whom weren’t born when he published that book.

Excuse me while I turn off your insulin pump

Diabetics beware. It is possible to hack your insulin pump, from a distance, so that it can harm you rather than save your life. Other medical devices are also vulnerable to hacking in the current age of cyber insecurity. As if patients don’t have enough to worry about.


Apple makes jailbreaking much harder with iOS 5

Apple has added extra security features in iOS 5 that will make it much harder for hackers to safely jailbreak their iPhones, according to the high-profile jailbreakers at Dev-Team Blog. Apple’s changes will make it harder to roll back to an older version of iOS if jailbreaking goes bad.

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BioWare latest game company hit by hackers

BioWare, the game development studio behind triple-A titles like Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, said hackers were able to crack into the forums for one of its old video games and might have stolen sensitive information about the site’s users on Friday.

Spanish police arrest three members of hacker group Anonymous

Spanish police on Friday said they have arrested three suspected members of the high-profile hacker group Anonymous. The group has been connected to cyber attacks against governments and corporations around the world, including the recent high-profile shut down of Sony’s PlayStation Network for nearly a month.

Nintendo’s U.S. servers get a light hack attack

Nintendo acknowledged today that hackers broke into one of the servers for its U.S. business, but the company said there was no loss of sensitive company or user data.

Chinese Gmail hack targeted White House staff

White House staffers were among those targeted by Chinese hackers that recently tried to break into hundreds of Gmail accounts, according to the Wall Street Journal. The hackers were hoping that senior administration employees would be using their private email accounts for official business.

Pentagon: Cyber attacks can count as acts of war

The Pentagon has decided that computer-based attacks from a foreign country can be considered acts of war, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The report comes only a few days after top U.S. defense supplier Lockheed Martin was hit by a cyber attack.

Updated: U.S. defense supplier Lockheed Martin hit by cyber attack

An unknown cyber incident hit Lockheed Martin — the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer and the top supplier to the Pentagon — sometime last week but was successfully neutralized by the company, the defense contractor said.

Microsoft applies lessons from PlayStation Network downtime: don’t hunt hackers

Microsoft has chosen to “nurture” the talents of a 14-year-old boy who attempted to hack into the company’s online gaming network, Xbox Live, rather than slap the kid with lawsuits. The lawsuit approach to hackers is presumed to have led to Sony’s online game network being crippled for nearly a month.

Just how frustrated are PlayStation Network users over downtime?

Sony brought its online gaming network, the PlayStation Network (PSN), offline today — though this time it was just for some scheduled maintenance. But the downtime was a frustrating reminder for many PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners, as well as developers, over how the company handled the PSN’s downtime.

Hackers plotting third attack against Sony after Playstation Network outage

The hackers that cracked into Sony’s online gaming network, the Playstation Network (PSN), are plotting another attack against the gaming giant this weekend and plan to publicize information stolen from PSN users, said a reader who viewed the hackers’ online discussions.