Google Hangout

Google+ studio mode hangouts: awesome if you’re wearing headphones

Music over online conference lines or video-conferencing software mostly sucks — because the conferencing world is optimized for voice, not song.
Google’s trying to change that — and bolster its social network, Google+ — by adding Studio Mode to Hangouts on Air. Call it the MySpace gambit: if we bring the bands, the fans will follow.

Get funded on Google+: Silicon Valley VCs are holding hangouts

Google is trying really hard to get people interested in Google+’s group video-chat feature, Hangouts. The company has brought on celebrities, political figures, and is now trying to attract its own Silicon Valley neighbors to participate on the social network through “VC Office Hours.”


Google+ gets a slate of new apps for Hangouts

Google is showing off some new Hangout-themed apps today. From play games and goofing around to getting serious work done, the apps use the Google+ social video tool to make the most of face-to-face, real-time interaction.

Back to the Future 2 video call

Facebook + Skype: Why video calling will not be enough

As Facebook and Google are beginning to explore the value of video calling in their social networks, there is little doubt that Facebook’s new Skype integration and Google+ Hangouts will have some initial impact on the way we communicate with people who we care for.