Microsoft's Scott Guthrie announced the Cloud Platform System, a hardware-software combination to run cloud applications, at a press event in San Francisco on Oct. 20.

Microsoft partners with Dell for cloud hardware & software

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft wants to do big cloud business in its own facilities, but it also wants to be in companies’ existing data centers. Today at the Microsoft Cloud Briefing event, the company pulled the trigger on a “cloud platform system” in partnership with Dell.

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With Kickstarter, everything that came after the funding was unexpected and frustrating. Here are my lessons learned.

Why CES still matters, even if you hate it

CES is a pain in the ass, but don’t write it off completely. It’s still an incredibly important trade show for the electronics industry, and this year it reveals some new startup opportunities.

Med tech’s top 10 stories from 2012

With so much activity in this space, I sat down with Nate Gross, cofounder of RockHealth, to compile a list of the ten biggest health-tech stories that shocked and amazed us this year.