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LifeImage pulls in $17.5M for medical imaging network

Access (or lack of it) to medical imagery is a costly problem in the health care system. It often leads to unnecessary, duplicative procedures when a provider encounters a patient from another care network. In the absence of images, new images are taken. Some say this problem alone costs the health system $30 billion each year.


Google X acquires ‘tremor-canceling spoon’ startup

Google X, the research division of tech giant Google, has just announced that it has acquired Lift Labs, a company working on devices for people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and essential tremor. The company is best known for its “tremor-canceling spoon.”


Student-led health-tech incubator to launch at UC Berkeley

Not to be outdone by StartX, the accelerator loosely affiliated with Stanford University that officially opened the doors to its biotech lab last week, a group of UC Berkeley students are launching a new program to help health-tech entrepreneurship flourish on their own campus.