The question every healthcare IT startup must answer

When I started in the healthcare field more than 25 years ago, the only thing that a healthcare IT startup needed was a good idea — a new technology, maybe, or a new scientific pathway. “If you build it, [they] will come.”

Corporate data-storage shop StoredIQ reaps $10M, new CEO

StoredIQ, an Austin, Texas-based company that helps corporations manage their data, today announced it has completed a $10 million round of financing led by PerformanceEdge Partners and S3 Ventures and named a new CEO.

The Health 2.0 glut, and how one startup adapts

The Health 2.0 movement, as I’ve noted before, makes some big claims about the Internet’s power to transform the relationships between patients and doctors, hospitals, insurers and each other. Some of that is undoubtedly true, and there’s a fascinating amount of innovation going on in this area– helped along by a recent torrent of venture capital.

Healthcare IT co. MedAssets sets IPO range, aims for $221M

MedAssets, an Alpharetta, Ga., provider of IT and services designed to maximize hospital revenue, said it plans to sell as many as 13.8 million shares at a price of $14 to $16 apiece, for a maximum IPO take of $221 million. The company’s latest SEC filing is here.

Life sciences briefing: Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2007

Featured companies: AerovectRx, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Harmony Information Systems, Intelligent Hospital Systems, Merrion Pharmaceuticals, Syntaxin, SymBio Pharmaceuticals

Life sciences briefing: Monday, Oct. 29, 2007

Featured companies: Azaya Therapeutics, Global Care Solutions, Oxford Immunotec,, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, Tactile Systems Technology, WellGen, Zeltiq Aesthetics

Compendia Bioscience, cancer-genomics data miner, leverages the Web for biodata analysis

A number of startups are starting to bring the power of the Web to bear on complex masses of biological data. One of the latest is Compendia Bioscience, an Ann Arbor, Mich., computational biotech that’s focused on mining cancer-genomics data. The company just received a $2.4 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to further development of Compendia’s lead product, a program that combs through and analyzes publicly available data on gene activity in a variety of tumors.

Life sciences briefing: Monday, Sept. 17, 2007

Featured companies: Bioptigen, Echo Therapeutics, Forest Laboratories, Intrinsic Therapeutics, Microbia, Phreesia, Sontra Medical, TransMedics, Xanthus Pharmaceuticals