Bill Gates is building a machine to diagnose nasty diseases

“Can you create a new device that quickly diagnoses HIV, TB, malaria, and other diseases… accepts different samples, like blood, saliva, and sputum… is affordable… and reliable… and will work in a small clinic that has only a few hours of electricity a day?” Gates asks.

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This company predicts what diseases you’ll get and helps you prevent them

Genophen wants to tell you what diseases you might get before you ever get them.Today it received $2 million in its third round of funding, according to a filing with Securities and Exchange Commission.The company creates software that can look at a range of details within your lifestyle and genetics that may predispose you to certain diseases and sicknesses. These are medical, behavioral, and environmental factors that you input into Genophen’s system. It then “assesses your risk” and provides you with what is inevitably a frightening list of illnesses you might be headed toward.But it’s not just a fear mongering service. The technology focuses on preventative healthcare by suggesting a number of actions you can take to stop these issues from ever coming to a head.It isn’t fully intended for the consumer, however, but rather to be used as a “clinical support tool,” for doctors to use and help walk you through.”The platform drives better medical-decision making through physician expertise, clinical knowledge, genome interpretation, and health analytics,” the company explains on its website.If you don’t have a primary care physician, Genophen will give you access to its network of doctors to help you find one and direct you to the necessary labwork you’ll need to give to your doctor for the program.Genophen was founded in 2008 at Stanford and got its first round of funding in 2011 after relocating to Los Altos, Calif. It received its second round of funding in 2012. Investors listed on the filing include Babak Yazdani, and Farzad Naimi.

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Heathcare cloud company ClearDATA raises $7M

ClearDATA focuses on making secure, HIPPA-, HITECH Act-, and ePHI-compliant cloud software for healthcare professionals and organizations. Its platform is designed to cut costs while improving productivity and regulatory compliance.

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How fitness gadgets and the cloud can reduce health care costs

As the cost of fitness- and health-monitoring gadgets go down, and ubiquitous cloud infrastructure makes data collection easy, there’s a big opportunity to help improve the quality of health care while reducing its costs.

The question every healthcare IT startup must answer

When I started in the healthcare field more than 25 years ago, the only thing that a healthcare IT startup needed was a good idea — a new technology, maybe, or a new scientific pathway. “If you build it, [they] will come.”