Google Health launching soon?

Trust the reliable folks over at Google Blogoscoped to unearth a login page for the long-awaited Google Health service before it actually launches. Neither the login nor any of the links on the page seem to work, but it’s another tantalizing glimpse at what Google may soon be unveiling.

Does Microsoft’s HealthVault really protect your privacy?

When Microsoft launched its much-ballyhooed HealthVault medical-records system for individuals (see my review here), it made such a fetish of security protections that it virtually rendered the service unusable. My own effort just to establish a HealthVault account took roughly two hours, much of that devoted to simply coming up with a password the system would accept; I documented the struggle here. One of the company’s PR reps even emailed me to note that Microsoft is taking “extra precautions at every layer of security” because “privacy and security is one of the areas that Microsoft is taking very seriously for HealthVault.”

Microsoft’s HealthVault lets you manage your health records — badly

Microsoft has finally unveiled its first stab at managing personal health records on the Web, and it’s an interesting, if underwhelming, effort to give people control over their personal health information, writes David Hamilton, over at VentureBeat LifeSciences.